Publish my book Facility

If you have a book that you would like to publish on the UDL, we can help.

Process for submitting digital books to the UDL

The digital books you submit have to be either in PDF, DOC or HTML format with machine readable text. Please email the book to with the following details:

Title, Author, Publisher, Subject, Language, Date of Publication and Number of Pages and your Email address. We will notify you when the book is published.

Please note that if a book is under copyright, only the author or the publisher can request that it be digitized and published. If you are requesting a book under copyright be published on the UDL, please send proof authenticating your ownership of the book.

Process for converting physical copies of books into digital books for UDL

If you only have a physical copy of the book, convert it into a digital book. You will then follow the process outlined for submitting digital books to the UDL.

Converting Non-English Digital Books

  1. Key symbolic text for non-English books to convert the book into digital format. You can request the data entry software for free from UDL for many non-English languages. Send an email to specifying which language you need the software for.
  2. Proof read and correct the digital book
  3. Save the book in PDF, DOC or HTML format.

English Books

  1. Scan the book.
  2. Use optical character recognition (OCR) software to perform OCR on the scanned pages. Free OCR software can be found on the internet.
  3. Proof read and correct the OCR output.
  4. Save the book in PDF, DOC or HTML format.

Books sent to UDL cannot be returned. DO NOT mail a one of a kind book or a book that you wish to be returned.